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Too many people have had a bad experience with a recruiter, which is why we run our business differently. First, we learned to code so we understand what you do. Second, we focus on ethical recruitment and transparency, take the time to get to know you and never push you into a job you're not interested in. Finally, and importantly, we only work with the top-tier startups and SMB's in Canada with strong industry reputations so we can find you the best job available. Reach out today to get started!

How We Find Your Next Job:


We do research to ensure we're matching you with the right companies that are suitable to your experience, have a strong industry reputation and excellent financial backing.

Open Discussion

We actively listen to your individual wants and needs and provide positions that match what you're looking for, even if we have to go find it. It's that simple.

Interview Guide

We provide detailed insights on the companies interview process, questions asked and people you will meet. We're transparent about every aspect to ensure we're finding you the right job.


The offer stage is seamless with Sage because there's no surprises. We ensure your expectations are set from the start and met at the end. It's all about transparency!

We focus exclusively on Software Engineering Positions!

Here's what our candidates are saying:

Ashley got me 2 positions in the last few years and I have always found her to be one of the better recruiters I've worked with. She always listens to what I am looking for and finds jobs that are of interest to me. I would recommend to anyone looking for a recruitment firm to use Sage.

Kevin Daly, Meta

Ashley has been the only recruiter I've worked with to find jobs since moving to Toronto. She's more like an agent than a recruiter; she doesn't charge but she will work for you! If you're looking for someone who is going to work hard find the perfect job, Ashley is the only one you need in your corner.

Jordan Heath, Exiger

Sage recruiting was vital to help me understand the market. They're not a traditional recruiter; they provide insights and guidance. They care about the candidates and make sure that the profile is a natural fit, creating a balance between culture, skillset and compensation.

Willian Corrêa, Rangle.io

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