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Too many people have had a bad experience with a recruiter so we're making a change. That means, we put ethics at the forefront and operate with integrity and honesty. Specifically, we always return your calls, we never lie to you and we never spam. Our process is personalized and we are more concerned with doing the right thing than making a few extra bucks. Come see why so many people have chosen Sage to guide them on their next big career move!

How we find the perfect job for you:


We dive deep into the backgrounds of every candidate to ensure we always match the right people with the right positions. We know you’re tired of hearing about jobs that clearly don't fit; you won't get that from Sage because we always do our research!

Open Discussion

We meet every person in-person. We get personal and listen to everything you have to say. Things like location, work-life balance and career growth are important to you. An open discussion gives us the tools to find your "perfect job"!

Interview Guide

Finding a job can be frustrating, especially if you don't have enough information to decide if the job's a fit in the first place! We ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and we will NOT pressure you along the way!


The offer stage is seamless with Sage Recruiting because there are no surprises. We ensure expectations are laid out from the start and met in the end. We attain this through consistent communication and transparency from all sides.

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Here's what our candidates are saying:

Ashley made a great impression on me because she was actually interested in getting to know who I was as a person. That said, it was her in-depth knowledge of the tech space, top-tier client list and willingness to find the right "fit" that was the winning formula, landing me a position at an exciting tech company!

Kamar Martin, Freelance

Ashley has been the only recruiter I've worked with to find jobs since moving to Toronto. She's more like an agent than a recruiter; she doesn't charge but she will work for you! If you're looking for someone who is going to work hard find the perfect job, Ashley is the only one you need in your corner.

Jordan Heath, Exiger

It was an absolute pleasure working with Ashley. It was my first time working with a recruiter and Ashley's help and connections allowed me to find an incredible opportunity. She's courteous, professional and really exceeded my expectations of what a recruiter could do!

Shaikh Farhan Rashid, Rubikloud Technologies

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