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Too many people have had a bad experience with a recruiter so we're making a change. That means, we put ethics at the forefront and operate with integrity and honesty. Specifically, we always return your calls, we never lie to you and we never spam. Our process is personalized and we are more concerned with doing the right thing than making a few extra bucks. Come see why so many people have chosen Sage to guide them on their next big career move!

How we find the perfect job for you:


We do our research upfront to ensure that we're providing positions that are suitable to your experience level, technical experience (and interests) and type of business. No person is the same and we don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach; with Sage, you always receive guidance catered to your personal style.

Open Discussion

We meet every person in-person (or Skype) in order to get personal and really understand who you are and what you want/need. We actively listen to to you with big and small details, such as location, level of work-life balance, career growth, and of course, salary.

Interview Guide

Interviewing for a position that you don't have enough information for is frustrating and time-consuming. Due to this, we are completely transparent and offer detailed information about the company, position and comp. We make it easy for you to make an informed decision on your career.


The offer stage is always seamless with Sage Recruiting, simply because there are no surprises. We ensure expectations are laid out from the start, but also that they're met in the end. We ensure this not only through regular communication and transparency, but also by having strong client relationships.

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Here's what our candidates are saying:

Ashley made a great impression on me because she was actually interested in getting to know who I was as a person. That said, it was her in-depth knowledge of the tech space, top-tier client list and willingness to find the right "fit" that was the winning formula, landing me a position at an exciting tech company!

Kamar Martin, Freelance

Ashley has been the only recruiter I've worked with to find jobs since moving to Toronto. She's more like an agent than a recruiter; she doesn't charge but she will work for you! If you're looking for someone who is going to work hard find the perfect job, Ashley is the only one you need in your corner.

Jordan Heath, Exiger

It was an absolute pleasure working with Ashley. It was my first time working with a recruiter and Ashley's help and connections allowed me to find an incredible opportunity. She's courteous, professional and really exceeded my expectations of what a recruiter could do!

Shaikh Farhan Rashid, Rubikloud Technologies

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