Your employees are technical. Your recruiter should be too.

Hiring technical teams is tough, especially if you don't understand technology and the jobs you're working on. At Sage, we're trained in the fundamentals of technology by local tech leaders, so we're able to dive deep into the technical backgrounds of our candidates like no other agency. On top of that, we review code samples wherever possible, employ technical testing and use modern tools and software to ensure you're seeing fewer resumes but hiring more quality candidates than ever!

Transparency, Ethics, and Integrity

Sage operates with complete transparency, with both candidates and clients. We operate ethically and honestly at all times and we work for the benefit of our clients and candidates, even if it's not best for us. We believe that if you operate with transparency, ethics and integrity at the forefront, success is inevitable and each of our recruiters proves that each day.


We are the most technical recruitment company in Toronto. Our understanding of technology is built by personalized technical training, asking the right questions, technical testing and more!


We take a personalized approach to business, which means we research before a call, never mass mail, meet everyone in person and ensure consistent communication throughout the entire process.


We are always seeking a better understanding of our clients, candidates and the jobs we work on. We ask questions that go deeper into the backgrounds of our candidates and the cultures of our clients.


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