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Technical Recruitment for Software Companies

Sage has been in operation for over 8 years working exclusively with start-ups and SMB's across Canada to fill high-tech positions. Our Founder is a Software Programmer and we're partnered with a Director of Technology; we perform technical interviews and send only the most qualified candidates. Our typical roles include Software Developers (web, mobile, etc.), Architects, Product Designers, Automation Engineers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, DevOps/SRE's, Cloud Engineers, Engineering Leaders and Executives.

How We Find Top-Talent:

Culture and Company

Our first priority is to get to know your business, culture and goals. We gain an understanding of the exact person you're looking for and what would make them successful in the role. After that, we spend hours sourcing until we find the right fit. No cutting corners, we spend as long as it takes to find the right fit!

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Interview & Technical Screen

Our technical Founder and Director of Technology work together to ensures every candidate is a technical fit. This includes a technical interview, technical testing and/or code review. This reduces resumes sent by up to 50% or more, which means less time interviewing and more time hiring!

Testing and Evaluation

If testing is a part of your process, we are able to evaluate candidates completed tests on your behalf. This saves extensive time interviewing and reviewing tests b/c we only show you passing candidates. We are also able to check source code on Github, Bitbucket, portfolios, etc.

Due Diligence

Along with our extensive screening, technical questions and testing, we also do formal and informal reference checks along the way. Through our extensive networks we are often able to gain background information on the candidates we're working with and thus our hires are more likely to be successful. Simply a no-brainer!

We help employers solve real hiring challenges

No other recruiter was able to match the detail and understanding of the role as well as the high bar that we agreed on for candidates. We interviewed 30+ engineers through other recruiters, but only SAGE was able to find us an engineer.

Vlad A Ionescu, Founder at ShiftLeft

Working with Sage for the last two years has been a pleasure. Ashley is a mind reader! If I had the budget to do so, I would hire every single person she sends my way. She has helped me build several teams over the years and I am always happy with the quality of candidate she sends to me.

Alex Corotchi, VP Technology, Q4 Web Systems

Ashley and her team took time to understand our business, strategy and culture, exceeding our expectations. We've been BLOWN AWAY by the talent Sage has sent to us and, more importantly, after hiring, got EXACTLY what we needed (and more!).

Aly Dhalla, CEO & Co-Founder, Finaeo

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