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Sage Recruiting was built on the notion that recruitment can be done better. That means, spending more time getting to know our clients and candidates on a personal level and learning the technology so we can speak our candidate's language (including learning to code). This has allowed us to work with the best and brightest of their industry and build exclusive relationships with some of the fastest-growing companies in Canada. We are always excited to tell our story, so give us a call today!

This is not a numbers game ...

Learn About Your Business!

We begin by coming to your office so we can understand your culture and values. We'll spend an our learning about your business, culture and needs in order to ensure we have all the information to find you the ideal candidate.

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Face-to-Face Interviews

We interview every candidate in person to get to know their goals and motivations, but also to screen for aptitude and fit. We ask technical questions, discuss projects in detail, and filter uninterested or unqualified candidates.

Testing and Evaluation

We are serious about ensuring you are only introduced to qualified candidates through Sage. We ensure this through technical testing through Codility, asking technical questions and reviewing source code.

Due Diligence

We get to know our candidates on a personal level, but we also ensure due diligence so you know who you're hiring! We do this through reference checks, identification and transcript verification, testing and in-person interviews.

We help employers solve real hiring challenges


Sage Recruiting has a very keen sense of the niche skills we look for. They know our company like the back of their hand, plus they are conscientious and easy to work with. We are pleased with every hire we made from Sage!

Ed Van Beilen, Co-Founder & Principal, Dev6

Working with Sage for the last two years has been a pleasure. Ashley is a mind reader! If I had the budget to do so, I would hire every single person she sends my way. She has helped me build several teams over the years and I am always happy with the quality of candidate she sends to me.

Alex Corotchi, VP Technology, Q4 Web Systems

Working with Sage has been a positive experience. Ashley took the time to ask a lot of questions upfront to get a good sense of who we were looking for and what we valued. It resulted in us hiring quickly and effectively!

Craig Cox, Head of Engineering, Borrowell

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